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Trayon’s New Off Road Trailer

You’ve seen plenty of off road trailers, but this is something revolutionary!

Imagine a trailer built for Australia’s toughest terrain, which has three split personalities:

  • a tradie’s work trailer during the week (did someone say tax deductions?)
  • a workhorse for any odd jobs or a mobile ensuite on the weekend, and
  • an off road camper trailer/ensuite combo in the holidays!

This multi purpose off road trailer is the first of its kind in Australia!

And for those who already own a Trayon slide on camper, but no longer have a ute to carry it, the Trailer Mount Option (TMO) off road trailer will breathe new life into your beloved camping set up!

One Off Road Trailer To Rule Them All!

Trayon Off road trailer

Welcome to Trayon’s new TMO trailer, built for work AND play!

TMO stands for ‘trailer mounted option’, which refers to the ability to slide a Trayon camper onto the tray. But check out what else it can do, we’ll paint you a few pictures:

  • You’re at the worksite, nature calls but there’s no toilet in sight!…..don’t worry, your TMO work trailer comes with one!
  • Your pining for another camp trip in the Kimberley region, but your better half doesn’t like to do her business in the bush with a shovel……slide your camper onto the TMO off road trailer, lure your partner in with its luxury ensuite, and hit the road!
  • A mate rings you up asking for help to move a piece of furniture, but when you arrive it’s actually half his bloody house!……strap all his gear on the TMOs flatbed tray in one hit and giddyup!
  • You have a long overdue load of green waste which needs to go to the tip……attach some side rails to the TMO and stuff those leaves in!
  • Your young bloke wants to jump straight in the car after a muddy motocross session……not on your watch, throw him in the TMO ensuite for a hot shower and bring him home all cleaned up.

You get the picture…

trayon TMO off road trailer load

Impressed Yet?

Just wait, it gets better!

The evolution of the TMO off road trailer is a very interesting story! It also explains how we managed to pack the trailer with so many possibilities.

Gather round!

TMO Off Road Trailer Origins

After 25 years crafting high quality slide on campers, Trayon accumulated a huge number of customers. We recently celebrated our Trayon #1000!

what is a slide on camper Trayon number 1000

Customers fell in love with their Trayon camper, sliding it on their ute and exploring the outback year after year. Although the Trayon could last forever, their utes couldn’t. Eventually, even the toughest rigs need a rebuild or a trade in. Many went for a wagon style four wheel drive, often for family reasons. The problem was they couldn’t part with their Trayon!

Rather than buy a whole new camping set up through a different company, they asked us if we could build a trailer so they could slide on their beloved Trayon camper and keep touring the outback with confidence and comfort.

Trayon’s First Off Road Trailer was Built 15 Years Ago!

From there, the TMO off road trailer style slowly evolved generation after generation into a trailer which fits every purpose! All the while making sure that the primary purpose was to ensure our customers could continue to use their reliable Trayon camper.

It’s evolution hasn’t stopped either, and the opportunities are as exciting as they were 15 years ago!

TMO Off Road Trailer Generations

We developed three different generations of TMO off road trailer as we learned and understood more and more about our customer’s needs. All TMO off road trailer generations were off road ready, but each generation differs in one key way – the number of modules.

First Gen TMO Off Road Trailers

The first generation TMO off road trailer was basically a platform to carry a slide on camper; effectively a one module trailer. This satisfied the original need of Trayon customers, but we questions about extra storage space.

Second Gen TMO Off Road Trailers

The second generation TMO off road trailer solved the storage needs. We added storage space on the front of the trailer in the form of a strap on box or aerodynamic nose cone, which ever the customer desired. This turned it into a two module trailer.

Then one day we got an interesting request from a customer in serious need.

Third Gen TMO Off Road Trailers

We were asked to help a customer out who couldn’t get his wife to go camping. She needed a “proper toilet”, she said.

However, we didn’t want to squeeze a toilet inside his slide on camping unit. Who wants a toilet thrashing about inside the living space in bumpy off road conditions?

There’s an old wives tale that one of the most ancient and experienced groups of road trippers in the world – the gypsies – wouldn’t touch caravans with internal toilets for this reason (okay, modern gypsies). If that’s not rock solid evidence, then we don’t know what is!

So we developed a fully enclosed luxury ensuite, and sat it right in between the nose cone and the slide on camper! This created a three module trailer; and the third generation of TMO off road trailer was born!

You can check out this latest style of off road trailer on our website.

trayon TMO off road trailer nose cone extra storage

But wait, the stories not over yet!

Today’s Fully Customizable TMO Off Road Trailer

The TMO off road trailer featured on our website is just the latest version.

The best thing about this trailer is the fact it’s not a strict design which is forced through a production line. You aren’t even locked in to the third gen, three module style. One or two modules may be enough for your needs.

Every Individual Trailer is Made to Suit Each Customer

Not only is the entire trailer multi purpose, each one of the three available modules is multi purpose. That’s basically, triple multi purpose…. ?

When ordering a TMO off road trailer you’ll be given the option to customise everything.

As a result no two TMO off road trailers are ever the same! The one you get is completely unique.

Here’s an idea of the variety.

TMO Off Road Trailer Module One – The Nose Cone

The first module, the nose box or cone is basically open storage real estate. We can fit it out with things like a fridge, kitchenette, brackets to hold special items, or just leave it free as a flexible storage space.

trayon TMO off road trailer nose cone

TMO Off Road Trailer Module Two – The Ensuite or Spare Room

Although we advertise the TMO off road trailer with the ensuite in the middle module, it too can be fitted out for other purposes, for example:

  • bunk beds for the kids
  • pull out storage
  • pull out kitchenette
  • or an on site office!

The Unique Ensuite Option

This is one of the choices which makes this off-road trailer really special. The ensuite sits in front of the tray, and is perfect for a variety of situations (not just to get the boss lady to go camping), for example:

  • your own bathroom for day trips
  • a travel bathroom for long distance hauls
  • an extra ensuite for parties, festivals or family events
  • a back-up when public toilets are queued up
  • the worksite portaloo (particularly useful if your travelling to remote work sites for extended periods)

If your using a deluxe or diesel deluxe slide on camper on the back, that actually means two showers and two toilets, which is perfect for big family camping adventures.

trayon TMO off road trailer Ensuite

How’s the Ensuite Configured and Set Up?

First of all, you drop down the front steps of the middle module.

The door opens to the shower, and the toilet is at the back of the module. In between is a nice little space with a towel rack which can be used as a changeroom.

Toilet Facilities

Even the toilets are customizable. We like to fit TMO off road trailers with a ceramic-bowl cassette toilet, which we then upgrade with a chemical free conversion kit.

What does that mean you ask?

It means you can dispose of the waste and water in the cassette without the risk of any chemical environmental impacts. It also means you can throw it down long drop compost dunny’s, and it won’t mess with the natural decomposition process.

Shower Facilities

Many full size twin axle off road caravans don’t even have an internal shower (many have external showers instead).

There are two main options for hot water in the TMO off road trailer ensuite:

  1. If you have a deluxe or diesel deluxe camper, you can rely on their hot water system when they are being used on the back of the TMO; or
  2. We can install its own system.

Option two means you can have hot water showers even when the camper isn’t on the tray!

You can also add more water tanks underneath the tray if you have higher water requirements.

You even have the option to add grey water capture and storage. If you frequently camp in pristine environments or near natural water systems, this grey water option is a great way to minimise your chemical footprint.

TMO Off Road Trailer Module Three – The Tray

Standard tray size comes ready to chuck a slide on camper on the back.

However, tray size can be modified to carry specific things. We even have a special model called the Toy Hauler which comes as a dual axle job. The extra length allows you to carry larger toys.

trayon TMO off road trailer detach Trayon

A variety of accessories can be attached underneath any TMO off road trailer tray such as extra water tanks, storage boxes, large rear trundle drawers, deep cycle batteries, or spare tyres (pretty handy if you have a toy hauler with two extra axles, or you’re going remote and need as many spares as you can carry)!

We fitted one rig in the past with four 90L water tanks, which demonstrates how much room there is down there!

It doesn’t end there either. More tray options include styleside tray sides, rope rails, and tie downs.

This means the tray can be used for a huge variety of purposes, such as:

  • general strap down loads (e.g. green waste, furniture)
  • Toys and work machines (motorbikes, quad bikes, ride on mowers etc.)
  • Trayon slide on campers (of course!)
  • Slide on aluminium canopies for work or day to day use.

Load Carrying Capacity

trayon TMO off road trailer load hauler

With a one tonne payload capacity, the TMO off road trailer isn’t just a leisure trailer, it’s ready for hard work in any conditions.

Most single purpose box trailers can only carry between 500 to 750 kgs and are limited to on road work.

Even with a Trayon camper on the back, which weighs around 400 kg empty, you’ll still have up to 700 kg of available payload on the TMO off road trailer (depending on what other attachments you have fitted the trailer with). When fully loaded, the standard TMO off road trailer has an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of 2 tonne. That’s its legal “full load” capacity (i.e. trailer + payload).

The off road trailers flatbed aluminium tray is normally 2.3 metres (length) by 1.98 metres (width), providing enough space for most jobs.

If that’s not enough, the twin axle Toy Hauler version has 1500 kg of available payload even with a Trayon Camper already on it (and depending on which other accessories you decide to add). This takes its ATM, or legal “full load” capacity (trailer + payload), up to 3.5 tonne!

Think long extended trips to remote work sites with a load of tools and/or machinery, a slide on camper, 300 – 400 L water capacity (when extra water tanks are added under the tray), and your own ensuite!

Tough Off Road Build Quality and Capability

We build these off road trailers with hard off road work in mind. With 25 years experience in the off road camper industry, we know what’s required to get a vehicle in and out of Australia’s toughest terrain, and have applied that to our trailer design.

Super Strong Chassis Design

The foundation of the TMO’s toughness – the chassis – was designed with sheer strength in mind. It was the brainchild of Scholtz and Vernon, Trayon’s owner and manager respectively, and both qualified in motor vehicle manufacturing, truck, bus and trailer.

“The chassis is what allows the TMO off road trailer to be so versatile!”

The chassis is made of 3 mm gauge steel beams (2 inch x 6 inch) that run the full length of the trailer from the tow hitch to the very back end, and is further strengthened by a ladder frame design.

After welding, the frame is hot dip galvanised, making it rust resistant.

4WD Suspension

Independent off-road coil suspension is attached directly to the chassis beam running straight through the trailer (we generally like to fit our TMO off road trailers with suspension rated over the maximum legal weight of the loaded trailer, just to cover off all possible situations).

This is far superior to the ‘sub frame’ design of many caravans and trailers, where the draw bar is welded underneath the front of the trailer’s chassis, which can create a weak point (i.e. the weld) between the point where the suspension attaches to the chassis, and the tow ball. The TMO’s suspension basically runs straight off the tow ball.

Optional upgrades include billow style airbag suspension (to change travel height or level the camper on uneven campsites), larger rollover bags or bigger coils.

We generally like to install twin shock absorbers on all TMO off road trailer as they share the load and it allows for backup shocks in place already in case of failure.

Wheels and Brakes

TMO’s generally come with six stud steel Sunrasia Landcruiser rims (zero offset) which, along with wheel track, will match many vehicles. Our standard tyres are 265/75/R16 All Terrains.

We use 12 inch electric drum brakes plus heavy duty tapered wheel bearings.

Two spare tyres are mounted on Trayon’s TMO signature swing-away carriers, attached the rear of the trailer. In our gen three TMO the spare tyre brackets swing away in an arc, which means it’s easier to put a spare back on the rack, as opposed to a standard set up where it’s basically a deadlift!

trayon TMO off road trailer Swing away wheel carrier

Hitch and Jockey Wheels

The TMO comes with a 4×4 articulating 2T or 3.5T Hyland style off road trailer hitch (including handbrake) to fit a 50 mm ball. This means it fits the majority of vehicles. It also means it can be towed by other people in emergencies out bush.

The articulating hitch is ideal to maintain control while it’s moving and swinging around at different angles to the vehicle.

You’ll also get two military grade jocky wheels to level trailer when detached, and also providing for easier movement by hand in soft ground.

How’s it Go in the REALLY Rough Country?

All of our single axle TMO trailers are ready to follow your vehicle where ever you want to go.

Our only ‘semi off road’ trailer is the Toy Hauler. Due to a more complex dual axle design providing more weight carrying capacity, it should be treated similar to a large twin axle off road caravan due its length, extra axles and fully loaded weight carrying capacities.

The beauty of the slide on system is, if you want to explore an area which prohibits trailers (i.e, for conservation reasons), you can slide the Trayon camper off the trailer and onto your ute, leave the trailer at a mates or van park, and complete any track you want. When you return, simply slide the camper back on the trailer and continue on your way.

trayon TMO off road trailer fraiser island

Lightweight Build Minimises Burden on Your Vehicle

When towing a trailer through rough conditions, the thumps and bumps can result in up to three times the weight of the tow ball crashing down on your vehicle’s tow bar, sending huge force back through the vehicle’s chassis and suspension.

Even though its super strong, the TMO trailer is still light, only weighing 900 kg when empty and placing 81 kg on the a tow ball (thats without a slide on camper on the back). This minimises its impact on your vehicle when driving in rough terrain.

When loaded up to its maximum payload capacity of 1 tonne, the trailer weighs a total of 2 tonnes, placing around 170 kg on the tow ball.

Many off road caravans with equivalent camping facilities will place way over 200 kg and up to 350 kg down on your tow ball – the TMO is well within the carrying and towing capacity of most off road vehicles.

For information about your vehicle’s carrying and towing capacity check out our article ‘Buying an off road camper? Here’s everything you ought to know’.

And if you’re wondering whether or not to get a 4wd suspension upgrade, we answer the question in the article ‘Do I need a 4WD Suspension Upgrade?’.

TMO Off Road Trailer General Towing Performance

Another advantage of the TMO off road trailer is its stability while being towed.

This is in part due to its unique weight distribution profile. While most off road trailers have a 60/40 profile (i.e. 60% of the weight is in front of the axle, and 40% behind), the TMOs profile is approximately 70/30. The axle is set back slightly further than other off road campers and caravans.

The result is, when travelling at any speed it will track square, stable and correct instantly (for example when dodging Emu’s in the NT, Cane toads in Cairns, or hipsters in Melbourne haha!).

Reversing is also made easier by the 70/30 profile, because the wheels are slightly further back than other off road campers and caravans, meaning it doesn’t flick around so quickly.

Even that mate who takes 15 attempts to back down a boat trailer down the ramp will work this one out, and if that mate is you, well even better!

TMO Off Road Trailer Price

When we’re asked about the cost of a TMO off road trailer, we reply with a smile, “how long is a piece of string?” Followed by:

  1. “How many modules do you want?”
  2. “What do you want to use them for?”
  3. “Where are you going and what extras do you need?”
  4. “Do you want the trailer fitted with its own hot water system?” etc.

There’s so many variables that it’s very difficult to give you a straight answer, but we’ll try:

  • Gen one models fall around $12,000 – 18,000 (that’s a one module trailer with space to carry a Trayon camper).
  • Gen two models hit the $20,000 – $33,000 mark (that’s the two module style – space for a Trayon camper, plus the nose cone).
  • Gen three models start around $35,000, for the full three module rig, and the price climbs the more accessories you add. The Toy Hauler version can climb to $57,000, but what you get is a multi-purpose toy hauling work and play monster!

These prices don’t include a Trayon camper, which comes in a few different versions and prices (but is generally an extra $30,000 – $41,000).

To investigate slide on camper options check out our article ‘How to Choose a Slide on Camper’.

If you already own a Trayon camper and you’re considering trading in your ute (or already have), you have the option to retrofit any Trayon with all our modern gear, and continue to explore the outback in your Trayon camper with a TMO off road trailer.

trayon TMO off road trailer Northern Territory

The Future of Off Road Trailers

First and foremost, we are a slide on camper manufacturer, but we are always excited and passionate about helping Trayon customers hang on to their reliable Trayon camper, long after they trade in their utes.

We didn’t just run with this idea. We ran over the hill and into the sunset, creating a trailer that really is whatever you want it too be.

So whether you’re already a proud Trayon owner, a speculative buyer without a ute, or just interested in this revolutionary trailer design for work and play, the TMO has you covered.

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