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Lithium Battery Upgrade: Trayon’s 600 Amp/hr Option


Are you ready to take your Trayon Camper to the next level? In this blog post, we’ll explore the power upgrades and optional extras for new Trayon Campers. We’ll also introduce the all-new 600 Amp/hr Lithium Battery bank option for new builds. Let’s get charging and see how these systems transform the way you camp.

Lion AGM vs Lithium 100Ah 200Ah batteries Trayon Camper Background

Trayon Owners Are Always Tweaking

Not one Trayon Camper setup is the same as the other. Since 1994, the Trayon Camper platform has been perfect for owners who are endlessly optimising and changing their setups to suit their camping needs. That’s why we offer a plethora of upgrades and optional extras. From solar panels to water tanks. The power systems we offer are no different, and we now offer a range of lithium battery upgrades to the standard 120Ah AGM battery for your camper. Initially we started with a 100Ah lithium upgrade, then a 200Ah which also progressed to a 400Ah Lithium upgrade for the Diesel Deluxe models.

The Benefits of a Larger Battery Bank

The battery bank in a camper plays a crucial role in providing power for various systems and appliances while you’re on the road or off the grid.

Think of the battery bank like a rainwater tank attached to a house, and the solar panels as the roof catchment area. During the day it stores and supplies the energy you need for your camper’s electrical needs.

The larger the tank, the more you store, the longer it will see you through the dry season.

The bigger the roof catchment area, the faster you will fill the tank, even if it is just a little rain, the larger area captures more of it.

Lion AGM Battery 100Ah Weight 34kg

Why Choose a Larger Battery Bank

Having a larger battery bank for your Trayon camper offers several advantages:

  1. Reliable Power Source: A well-designed battery bank ensures a steady and reliable power supply for your camper when you need it.
  2. Lasting Energy Storage: Use solar and mains power to store energy for when you need it (low light conditions in remote locations).
  3. Extended Off-Grid Adventures: With a robust battery bank, you can venture further off the grid and stay there for longer periods. Power essential systems while off-grid for longer.
  4. Lithium Battery Advantages: LifePo4 Batteries have inherent advantages over traditional lead-acid or AGM batteries. Including lighter, have a longer lifespan, charge faster, and offer significantly more usable power.
  5. Maintenance and Monitoring: Our Lithium battery upgrades have advanced monitoring and charging for your battery, giving you peace of mind that your battery will go the distance.

Overall a larger battery provides a significant performance boost, enhanced convenience and peace of mind when you are in the middle of no-where!

Lion AGM vs Lithium 100Ah 200Ah batteries

Lithium Batteries Vs AGM: Our Rule of Thumb

When it comes to upgrading the power bank for your Trayon Camper, deciding between Lithium and AGM batteries is often the choice. Both options have their advantages. However, there are certain factors that give Lithium batteries a clear advantage.

Comparing Battery Weights: The Unseen Load

Enedrive Lithium Battery 100Ah Weight 12kg

Weight is a significant factor to consider when choosing batteries, particularly for slide-on campers. As it eats into your usable payload and of course affects fuel efficiency.

Let’s take a look at some comparisons;

  •  120Ah AGM = 34.15kg
  •  100Ah Lithium = 11.95kg
  •  200Ah Lithium = 24.35kg
  •  400Ah Lithium = 48.65kg
  •  600Ah Lithium = 72.95kg

Lion AGM Battery 100Ah Weight 34kg

Our general rule of thumb at Trayon is 100amp lithium battery provides nearly twice the usable amperage compared to one 120Ah AGM battery.

To put it simply you would need two combined AGM batteries with a weight of approximately 68.3 kg in order to match the performance of just one 100Ah lithium battery weighing only 11.95 kg. Note: of course this is would vary depending on many factors.

As the capacity increases the difference, in weight difference becomes more evident.

  • For 200Ah in lithium: 24.35kg vs 136.6kg in AGM
  • For 400Ah in lithium: 48.65kg vs 273.2kg in AGM
  • For 600Ah in lithium: 72.95kg vs 341.5kg in AGM

Charging Time Matters

Now let’s talk about charge time, which is crucial when camping off grid.

  • It takes roughly 6-8 hours to charge a 120Ah AGM from flat to full.
  • In contrast, it takes about 2-4 hours to charge a 100Ah lithium from flat to full.

For larger setups:

  • 60-80 hours for 1200Ah AGM (10 x 120) from flat to full.
  • 20-40 hours for 600Ah lithium from flat to full.

In general, lithium charges in roughly half the time it takes to charge AGM.

Disclaimer: These figures are approximate and should be taken as guidelines rather than absolute values since various factors such as temperature can influence charging times for AGM batteries significantly. These are just our general rules of thumb based on our observations.

Considering both weight and charge time factors into account it becomes evident that Lithium batteries offer efficiency and practicality, for your Trayon Camper and touring setup.

The Exclusive 600Ah Lithium Battery Bank for New Builds

Trayon Campers now offers an exclusive 600Ah lithium battery bank specifically designed for new Trayon Campers.

Invicta Lithium 600Ah Battery Weight 80kg

Components of the 600 Amp/hr Lithium Battery System

The 600 Amp/hr lithium battery system for the Trayon camper includes the following components:

  • Lithium Batteries: These high-capacity LifePo4 batteries provide the power needed to supercharge your Trayon camper and support all your electrical requirements.
  • Battery Management System: The battery management system ensures the optimal charging and discharging of lithium batteries, maximising their performance and lifespan.
  • Control Panel: The control panel allows you to monitor the charge levels, voltage, and other important parameters of your lithium battery system.

Benefits of the 600 Amp/hr Lithium Battery System

The 600 Amp/hr lithium battery pack designed specifically for new Trayon Campers offers numerous benefits like the general ones mentioned above like longer lifespan, more usable power, light weight and reliability over AGM. However, the specific 600 Amp/hr battery system we have designed for Trayon Campers have some additional benefits.

  • Designed for Australian Conditions: Remote Australia can be extremes, including hot, cold, dusty, wet, windy not to mention the roads can be corrugated, rough and can really put a beating on your vehicle and everything in it.
  • Perfect balance between weight and capacity: Payload is everything in the world of slide-on campers, if the battery weighs too much that means you have to sacrifice other important gear to stay within the payload of your vehicle. The specific combination of battery technology we have chosen maximises energy density while also minimising weight impact.
  • Practical capacity with realistic charging times: Too large of a battery system means you have to fill it, the larger the system the larger your solar capacity needs to be to charge it in a reasonable time. Our system has been designed to still be practical with smaller solar systems.
  • Maintenance-Free: The batteries are completely sealed, there is no additional maintenance required, the sophisticated REDARC charge controller handles all the heavy lifting to maximise lifespan.
  • Long life span: There are many types of lithium battery cells out there, the specific batteries we use have a particular type of cell which can handle significantly more charge and discharge cycles then most other cells currently on the market.

Harnessing Solar Power for Your Lithium Batteries

There are three ways to charge your battery in a Trayon Camper:

  1. Mains power supply input (240V AC)
  2. Via the vehicle while driving
  3. Solar power

However, if you’re like us and are driven by an urge to explore remote places, once you set up camp in a beautiful spot, the last thing you want to do is turn on your car to charge the battery.

And these places are so remote, there are no powered sites.

So let’s focus on point three, solar power.

Continuing the water tank analogy from earlier, solar panels are equivalent to the roof catchment area on a house to collect water. The larger the area, the more water that can be caught.

Likewise, the higher the wattage of the solar panels, the more sunlight can be converted into energy.

Trayon offers a compact portable 300 watt solar blanket plus an optional 120w solar panel on the back of the Trayon Outhouse.

Giving you a total of 420 watts of solar power.

This will help you keep your large energy tank (battery) full for longer, enabling extended off-grid trips and the ability to run multiple appliances simultaneously.

And help with high load appliances like induction cooktops or to power household goods from the inverter (if optioned).


Upgrading to a larger battery bank with added outhouse solar and solar blanket will give you more storage capacity to see you though longer periods without charge. The 600 Ah Lithium Batteries for your Trayon Camper offers enhanced power capacity, lightweight design, fast charging, long lifespan, and higher depth of discharge. Combined with versatile charging options, you can enjoy a seamless and reliable power supply for a long offgrid adventure. Embrace the freedom of off-grid exploration with Trayon Campers. Happy camping!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Benefits of a Larger Battery Bank?

A larger battery bank offers several benefits for your Trayon camper:

  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Extended Power Supply
  • Enhanced Convenience
  • Optimal Performance
  • Peace of Mind

Can I Use Solar Power and Lithium Batteries Together?

Absolutely! Solar power and lithium batteries go hand in hand, providing you with a sustainable and reliable power solution for your camping adventures. Solar panels charge the lithium batteries, ensuring you have a continuous power supply even in remote locations.

What Maintenance is Required for a 600 Ah Lithium Battery?

One of the advantages of a 600 Ah lithium battery is that it requires minimal maintenance. However, it’s essential to regularly check the charge levels, monitor voltage, and ensure proper ventilation to maximise performance and longevity.

What Makes 600 Ah Lithium Batteries Better Than Traditional Options?

600 Ah lithium batteries offer several advantages over traditional battery options. They are lighter, have a longer lifespan, charge faster, and provide a higher depth of discharge (more usable power), making them an excellent choice for campers looking for reliable and efficient power sources.

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