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lithium battery

Lithium Battery Upgrade


Trayon’s flagship lithium battery system is the perfect way to ensure you have all the power you’ll need when you are touring remote areas of Australia. Conventional AGM camper battery systems are heavy and store far less usable energy.

In the endless pursuit to build lightweight, rugged slide on campers, Trayon teamed up with REDARC Electronics and Revolution Power Australia to develop and prototype a lithium LiFePO4 power system which delivers almost twice the usable power at one third the weight of an AGM battery.

This system is now in production and rolling out across the entire camper industry. Get it from Trayon Campers, the Australian Slide on Camper Manufacturer who is endlessly innovating.

REDARC BMS1230S2 lithium battery upgrade


  • Retrofit to existing Trayon campers
  • 100A/h Battery weight: 11.9 kg
  • Battery warranty: 3 Years
  • Battery short circuit disconnect
  • Battery in a waterproof sealed polycarbonate case, IP54 rated
  • Low Voltage & overcharge cut out
  • REDARC lithium Battery Management System BMS 1230S2
  • Remote monitor
  • Three charging methods;
    • solar
    • 12V from vehicle
    • 240V


Lithium batteries tend to have a negative stigma surrounding their robustness. And it’s true, if the engineering isn’t right from the beginning, they can be volatile, which is especially concerning in the middle of the outback or going over rough terrain.

One possible reason for this, is that other lithium batteries on the market often use cell strapping, which is a process of combining many lithium cells together to create a 12V battery. As a result, the output is unregulated and no balancing across the cells occurs, this/which can cause volatility and limited use.

Lithium battery upgrade REDARC Revolution Power Australia

The Revolution Power Australia 100A/h 12V battery in the Trayon Lithium Upgrade contains an internal battery management system (BMS) which regulates and balances both output and input power. This includes short circuit cut off and thermal regulators. It is specifically engineered for harsh applications in the trucking, boating and camping industries to mitigate any kind of volatility. It is one of the few 12V Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries where two or more can be connected in parallel safely to increase capacity.

Choose the lithium battery upgrade revolution for your next adventure to decrease your payload by almost 26 kg per battery over traditional 37 kg AGM batteries.

Carry the additional gear you love, and substantially boost your useable energy to run fridges and keep your electronics charged for longer.

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