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Quick Setup: Trayon’s Electric Opening Assist

Imagine setting up camp after a long dusty journey, where the touch of a button flips open the roof of your Trayon Camper bringing your home-on-wheels to life. 

Trayon Campers’ electric opening and closing assist is the latest innovation to get the most out of your Trayon Camper (for both new and some older models).

Introducing the electric opening assist feature for Trayon Campers, it marks a significant leap forward in camp set-up convenience.

Key Features of the Electric Assist:

  • No Manual Operation: Removes the need to physically hop in your Trayon and flip over the roof.
  • Universal Application: Can be added to both new builds and some existing Trayon Campers;
  • Simplicity: Designed for ease of use and retrofit installation;
  • Adaptability: Makes camping in a Trayon more accessible, regardless of physical ability.
  • Fail-Safe Redundancy: Reliability is key in the outback, we have built-in fail safes to ensure you can still operate the camper if systems fail.

The electric assist is a game-changer, making the setup and pack down of Trayon campers a breeze.

Retrofit Electric Assist for Campers: A Modern Upgrade

Integrating the electric assist feature into existing Trayon campers can breathe new life into the camping configuration for owners of some older models. It’s a straightforward retrofit installation.

Advantages of Retrofitting Electric Assist:

  • Enhanced Longevity: Extends the functional life of the Trayon camper;
  • Ease of Use: Provides an easier setup, particularly beneficial for those with physical limitations;
  • Future-proofing: Keeps your camper up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Upgrading to electric-assist enhances not only the functionality but also the longevity of the Trayon camper for personal use.

Manual Backup for Camper Reliability

Reliability remains at the core of Trayon’s innovative features and the electric assist is no exception. A manual backup system is essential for peace of mind in the great outdoors, providing a reliable alternative if the need arises.

The Manual Backup System Includes:

  • Manual Button: Located under the actuator for easy access if the remote battery fails.
  • Fail-safes: Ensures that campers can always be set up or packed down, regardless of power availability.
  • Detachable Actuator: If the power system fails – the actuator can be removed with 19mm nylon nuts reverting to the normal manual operation which has been proven to work in remote locations since the first Trayon Camper in 1994.

Trayon’s commitment to reliability ensures that there’s always a manual backup for the electric assist feature.

Accessibility of the Electric Opening Assist

Recognising that the adventurous spirit isn’t bound by age, Trayon Campers electric assist has been designed keeping in mind an aging demographic. These accessibility features help lifelong explorers to continue their journeys with ease.

Many of our customers have held onto their Trayon Campers for decades, the electric assist is a great way for them to keep using their camper for longer while keeping camping comfortable and convenient. It helps reduce pressure on shoulder, knees and hips.

Accessibility Features Designed To Help:

  • Back Support: Alleviates the strain on the back during setup compared to the manual process of getting into the camper and pushing the camper roof open.
  • Independence: Enables older and/or single adventurers to operate campers without assistance;
  • Comfort: Reduces physical demands for those with hip or knee issues.

By including features such as electric assist, Trayon empowers older campers to maintain their independence on the road.

Note, it also gives new Trayon Camper owners peace of mind that as they age, they can retrofit and adapt the camper for their needs.

Other Advanced Retrofit Options

Trayon Campers integrates advanced features like electronic opening assist elevate the level of comfort provided by their campers. Other retrofit options include lithium battery upgrades, extra storage, water tanks and accessories. These features ensure that campers of all ages and physical capabilities can enjoy camping.


In conclusion, Trayon Campers’ integration of electric opening assist technology has transformed the ease and efficiency of setting up camp.

With a commitment to innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction – Trayon continues to redefine the camping experience, merging convenience with the ruggedness of the Australian outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Existing Trayon Campers be Upgraded with the New Electric Assist Feature?

Yes, most existing Trayon Campers can be retrofitted with the new electric assist feature. The upgrade is designed to integrate seamlessly with the camper’s current setup, enhancing convenience and functionality. Owners interested in adding this feature should reach out to Trayon for compatibility assessment and installation advice.

What Backup Options are Available for the Electric Assist System in Trayon Campers?

Trayon Campers are equipped with manual backup systems to ensure that you can always set up and pack away your camper even if there’s an issue with the electric assist. In the rare event of a power outage or system fault, users can resort to the reliable and proven manual method which is straightforward – ensuring peace of mind during off-grid adventures.

What Accessibility Features Does Trayon Offer for Older Adventurers?

Trayon Campers are committed to making the outdoors accessible to everyone. For older adventurers or those with limited mobility – features such as the electric assist for easy setup, lower entry points and optional handrails provide greater accessibility and safety. These features enable a more comfortable and independent camping experience for all ages.

What Additional Retrofit Options are Available to Keep My Trayon Camper Up-to-date?

Beyond the electric assist feature – Trayon offers a range of retrofit options to enhance your camper including solar power systems, lithium battery upgrades and additional storage solutions. These upgrades are designed to improve off-grid capability, comfort and convenience ensuring your Trayon Camper remains at the forefront of slide-on camper technology.

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