The Camping Essentials Checklist For The Wild West

Hold it there Ranger! Don't get on that horse until you are prepared! This is a great go-to camping essentials checklist with all the must-have items for camping in the hot wild west. Whether that is in the Australian outback, Africa, South America or Nevada! Being prepared is essential!

The Wild West Camping Essentials Checklist

Short of having a well-stocked vehicle and slide on camper with you, this list is for hikers and campers who are primarily on foot. Print it, store it on your phone or kindle. Whatever you do, don't leave home without checking each item off! These items will help keep you safe and problem free if you know how to use them. Right-click and press save image as to get your copy of the Camping Essentials Checklist today!



image of camping essentials checklist

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