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12v Internal Fan


The sticky heat of an Australian summer can be stifling, especially in the Northern Territory, Queensland and West Australian tropics. We Australians claim to be pretty tough, but not that tough.

Hot weather in any place can be a fun killer.

That’s why Trayon have included a nice little 12 Volt internal fan in our camping list of optional extras. This small gadget can be one huge saviour, and the perfect remedy when sleep is made impossible by the heat.

It’s a three speed, 360 degree adjustable unit which can be plugged into any of the three sockets available in a standard Trayon slide on camper. It keeps fresh air circulating inside the camper day or night, preventing hot sticky air surrounding you.

The best part is, one fan can run for weeks on one full 120 Amp Hour (AH) AGM battery!


The main problem with other aftermarket fans is that they may not suit a Trayon very well.

The difference between our Trayon fan and every other fan is that we ensure it perfectly suits the design of a Trayon slide on camper.

For example, each fan has two pole clamps at its rear, so you can attach the fan to the centre pole of the open camper, then angle it wherever you want.

You can angle it up to the roof, the bed, lounge, kitchen, or straight between the eyes if that’s what is required! You could also run one on either side of the camper to create a strong and constant circulation.

We make sure that the power cord is long enough to reach a socket no matter where you clip the fan.

We also use larger power cables to provide an unhindered current to the fan, which maximises energy efficiency.


We get many customers asking us to install air conditioning inside their Trayon.

We can actually do that, if it’s really desired. However, to use it outside of powered camping areas, you’re going to need a generator. And this comes with a number of serious disadvantages when driving and camping in the Outback.

  1. It jeopardizes the fundamental advantage of a Trayon – the extraordinary size to weight ratio. You actually end up with almost 70 kg worth of extra weight. That includes  the air conditioner, the generator and 20 litres of fuel. A fan weighs a whole 500 grams!
  1. Takes up much more space. A generator, air conditioner and extra fuel containers take up valuable storage space which could be used for emergency beer supplies!
  1. Very limited cooling time. With a 20 litre gerry can of petrol you only get three eight hour stints of air conditioning.  One fan can run for nearly 200 hours on a fully charged 120 AH AGM battery. That’s two fans running 10 hours per night, for 10 nights!!!!
  1. Extra fuel consumption. Fuel is a vital resource in the Outback. In some remote regions fuel can cost up to three times as much as metropolitan areas, and distances between fuel stops can be hundreds of kilometres. Air conditioning will slowly eat away at your fuel resources and push up your fuel bill. While the fan uses the energy generated by the running vehicle, or solar charge absorbed during the day (if you have solar panels).
  1. NOISE! No one likes sleeping within earshot of a generator. Many campsites, including many of the best in National Parks, don’t even allow for the use of generators.

So, sure the aircon is an option, but the 12 V fan is cheaper, can run forever (as in 200 hours) on a single battery, has no ongoing fuel costs, is silent to nearby campers, saves spaces, and adds no extra weight to the Trayon’s unique lightweight design.


  • Quick and simple to set up and pack up
  • Compact for both use and storage
  • Fully adjustable, 360 degrees at any angle
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet when in operation
  • Very low draw on battery power reserve
  • Styled specifically for Trayon campers
  • Strong, secure and stable
  • Long lasting
  • Heavy duty power cable
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