Trayon Camper Number 1003 Set Up Base Camp

Trayon #1003 Terry and Dianne


We picked up our new Trayon Dual Cab Deluxe, #1003 in late May 2017, then did a couple of 2 day trips to learn how to use everything. After this we spent 4 weeks travelling to Central West QLD, to Winton across to Opalton and Jundah, 4,000 kms on dusty corrugated roads.

Trayon #915 Shane's Story


I chose a Mazda BT50 Freestyle with beefed up everything and my mate went hard core with a 79 series Landcruiser with the lot. So, after four months, 15,000 + k's with at least 6,000 plus kilometres of bull dust, corrugations, water crossings, ruts, washouts and sand dunes what was the result?

Mazda BT-50 and Landcruiser LC-79 with Trayon camper
Trayon Review #1017 Robyn and Nigel

Trayon Review #1017 Robyn and Nigel


We quickly realised we would need a robust 4WD vehicle and some lightweight, compact and sophisticated shelter options.  Where do you find that?

We didn’t feel like dragging three tonnes of caravan around – and how would that work off road? Camper trailers are lighter and better off-road, but you have to pack and unpack a lot of stuff at every stop – not much fun for the cook.