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What is a slide on camper? Ute campers explained

The Best Australian Made Slide on Campers, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Guaranteed Quality Slide on Campers and Camper Trailers - Trayon is an Australian made tray back ute camper which can be mounted on the tray of a ute or on a suitable trailer, with a 10-year structural warranty. It comes in a single cab (extra / super cab) and dual cab versions to suit almost any ute. Inside it has heaps of space for people as well as gear, yet it will take one person less than 5 minutes to set up!

On the road – and especially off the road – Trayon will amaze you. As it is mounted on the tray of a ute, you are not restricted by a trailer. Your Trayon will go anywhere your ute will go. That allows you to venture deeper into 4WD territory…and it allows you to access the growing number of National Parks that no longer permit trailers to enter. Needless to say…the towbar on your ute is available for anything you would want to tow!

We invite you to expect the impossible…Trayon, the best slide on campers.

  • Why Trayon

    We believe Trayons are the best tray back / slide on campers in the world. Made from aluminium instead of fibreglass it is lighter and stronger than other flatbed campers. Only the best materials and components are used throughout, and a Trayon is handmade by experienced Australian craftspeople. Therefore we back every Trayon with a 10 year structural warranty... that you'll never need.
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  • Which Trayon

    There is a Trayon to fit most tray back vehicles. The single cab version comes in three widths: 1830mm, 1980mm and 2100mm. The 1830 and the 1980 are available in a deluxe model as well as the standard model. The Trayon dual cab version is slightly shorter but adds an extra bed. It is also available in a standard and a deluxe model.
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  • Adventure Club

    Adventure Club is for Trayon owners as well as for other adventurers! Please submit your photos to us at and if suitable we will include them in our adventure postcard series. Please include any details or credits you would like included with your photo.
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Introducing...Our All New Trailer Mount Option!

Aussie travellers who love the light-weight, dust-proof & water-proof camper with all the comforts of a home away from home, are no longer limited to driving a tray back vehicle. Designed to fully complete the lifestyle setup of the Trayon, our new trailer caters for all 4WD vehicles.

Our custom-built trailer has independent suspension, an additional 90L watertank, a huge nose cone and side compartments for additional storage.